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The Ústí nad Labem city is the regional centre of Nothern Czechia situated on the Elbe (Labe) River, just half way between Prague (capital of Czechia) and Dresden (Germany).

The city with several historical monuments of national importance, underwent distinct transformation from provincial town to industrial centre of the country, nearby to open-pit brown coal mines. An extensive socialist renewal took place since the Second World War, during which parts of the city were destroyed, to the late 1980s, while the last three decades (since 1989) were characteristic of post-socialist economic and social transformation.

As a result, the city clearly manifests the planning challenges of post-industrial cities, including competitiveness in globalizing economies, equity issues related to social exclusion, dilemmas of urban renewal within the process of urban shrinkage, as well as specific issues such as challenges for flood risk management posed by extreme Elbe River floods in the past decades (learn more).

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